Bring The Fresh no longer available…

Important update: Bring The Fresh is no longer available, and it’s a damn shame. Because as learning affiliate marketing goes, BTF was one of the best places to do so. This Bring The Fresh review will stay up, but I don’t know for how long.

But you’re still left with a problem.

Where are you gonna turn for affiliate marketing strategies that actually work?

Look, scams are everywhere.

Fake “gurus” just waiting to take your money and disappear as soon as they get your credit card info.

The good guys are few and far in between.

Hell, some places still teach crap that doesn’t work despite having good intentions.

The fact is learning how to make thousands of dollars online per month is a skill that very few people actually know.

And even less are willing to share that info.

Is it an accident that less than 99% of people who try to make money online fail?

I’m not gonna lie.

I’ve spent years online trying to make it work.

Jumping from one bright shiny object to the next.

Most of them were absolute crap that just wasted money I didn’t have.

Racked up a depressing amount of credit card debt in the process…

The one thing I did learn though is that you absolutely need a mentor.

Someone who’s been where you are and is willing to give you all the right pieces to the puzzle.

Without it, you won’t make a dime.

Man, if I could go back I’d give all my time and money to a legit mentor.

So here’s the deal.

The guys over at Wealthy Affiliate are showing you how to turn any passion into a successful affiliate business at the link below:

Turn any passion into cold hard cash

It’s the easiest (most fun) path you’ll ever find to making an easy 10K+ per month online.

Best part? You can sign up for free.

They even throw in 2 websites (with hosting) that you could use to make money this very week.

That’s more than Bring The Fresh ever did…

Seriously, it’s weird that these guys are giving away so much top notch stuff for free.

It’s putting every other affiliate marketing training site to shame.

Hell, I wish I had found these guys back when I got started online.

Would of saved me a whole lot of heartache.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and give the free membership a spin:

Sign up for free Wealthy Affiliate membership here

Yes, they will try and sell you up on their premium membership.

And yes, you should take them up on it.


Because it’s the only way to learn the REAL skills you need to be successful online.

The free training they give (as good as it is) can only take you so far.

And if you want that 10K per month, you got to be willing to invest in yourself.

Instead of thinking you can piece it all together on your own on the cheap.

Look, I used to be cheap too.

Never willing to spend more than 10 bucks on a training program, thinking that it could actually get good info at that price.

That’s called an opportunity mindset.

I ended up spending thousands of dollars on countless crappy programs instead of manning up and spending a more on a LEGIT program.

That, is called an investor mindset.

And you need it to succeed online.

It makes sense when you think about it.

If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, how can you expect to learn anything valuable?

You can’t.

So if you’re sick and tired of the crappy products that promise you the world and only deliver a steaming turd, go and check out Wealthy Affiliate:

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate here

Sign up for their free membership.

You’ll learn the truth behind what separates a affiliate that’s swimming in cash from a flat broke affiliate.

At the very least, you’ll know immediately if it’s right for you or not, without spending a dime.

But do something.

Because the absolute worst thing you can do is sit there and do nothing.

Like being too lazy to even sign up for a free membership to the best affiliate marketing education around.

It’s your call.

But opportunity is knocking.

You gonna answer?

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate here


Bring The Fresh Review

Bring The Fresh homepage screenshot

A screenshot of the Bring The Fresh homepage

What is Bring The Fresh? Well, in a nutshell, it is a membership program that teaches people how to make money on the internet. More specifically, it teaches how to set up websites with monetary potential and get traffic to them that actually converts.

Most of the training contained on the Bring The Fresh website is video based, with a few pdf documents thrown in for good measure. This makes the training accessible and easy to follow all at the same time, but still doesn’t skimp on important points and strategies.

The main members area of Bring The Fresh is divided into multiple sections. Here is a rundown of them and overview of what they contain.


Bring The Fresh Road Map

The road map gives an overview of the different sections of the Bring The Fresh members area. It also gives the bigger picture about how all of the different parts fit together. It guides new members and teaches explains what steps they need to take as well as in what order to take them.


Latest News

The latest news section of the member’s area is filled with success stories of not only Kelly himself, but of Bring The Fresh members who have managed to make good money with the methods taught by Kelly Felix. In addition to that, there is also reporting of current events surrounding the community such as new products or new content added. This is a great place to start for members as far as staying in the loop of things goes. It is also a great source of motivation for those who need the occasional moral boost.


Fast Start Guide

The fast start guide gives out the market research and site building strategy that has proven over and over to be effective. The topics that are covered are things like market research, keyword research, how to build out a website, how to structure a site, how to write and add content to the site, how to monetize the site (i.e. how to get it to make money) and how to build backlinks to the site to get traffic to it.


Fast Start Videos

The fast start videos section of Bring The Fresh is very similar to the fast start guide but it lays out the content in video format (as the name suggests). Most of the videos are screen casts with a voice over from Kelly explaining what he is doing and showing how to do it. This is great for those who are visual learners and retain more information when someone shows them how to do something. This is especially effective for learning Kelly’s method for keyword research, for learning how to build the site and add the articles as well as for learning how to build backlinks.


Recommended tools

In the recommended tools section, Kelly suggests some of the tools and services that he uses for building his Bring The Fresh style websites. These services include content writing services, software,  backlink building services, WordPress themes, hosting services, domain registrars and upgrades to the Bring The Fresh membership.


Power Finish Module

The power finish module section contains additional videos that add to the overall Bring The Fresh strategy. It mostly contains replays of webinars that teach things that can either improve the SEO process through better link building and market selection, or help with getting better conversions to make more money out of the same traffic.


Behind the scenes

This section contains videos of Kelly Felix along with his Bring The Fresh partner Mike Long who go over some of the previous businesses they’ve owned. They explore some of the tactics that they used, some stories that happened along the way and knowledge that they picked up over time.


Living Room Chats

Living room chats is a section that like behind the scenes, contains videos of Kelly and Mike Long. However, the difference here is that these videos were originally sold as part of a five hundred dollar package. Over the course of these videos, they explore not only some great business insights, but also the philosophies and mindset behind being an online marketer and being successful with Bring The Fresh. All of the audio from the videos are also available as mp3 downloads for members who would rather listen to them on the go.


Bonus video section

The bonus video section contains additional interviews with students of Bring The Fresh who have managed to find successful strategies. There are also a few interviews with some more prominent internet marketing people who own and run large companies as well.


Member forum

The member forum is a place for Bring The Fresh students to interact with each other. There, they are able to share strategies and insights that can only come with hands on experience. It is a great place to compliment the knowledge shared in the main member’s area and even improve on those strategies.


Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure is an upgraded version of Bring The Fresh. It is for the more serious search engine marketer who wants to take things to the next level. It is quite a bit more expensive however but inside there are some truly advanced SEO and business strategies. This is really only for those who are really serious about making lots of money online and who want to be able to rank their websites for highly competitive terms.


Additional sections

There are a few additional sections that can be accessed via the member’s area. While they aren’t necessarily an integral part of the core Bring The Fresh strategy, they are offered as additional, more advanced training or as services. Here is a rundown of them.



There are two main upgrades that can be purchased for the course. First, there is Project Profits which is a resource for improving the conversions of a website. Then, there is the done-for-you website building service. This is a service provided for those who don’t have the time to setup websites for themselves and would rather outsource the process to people who work on the Bring The Fresh team. Finally, there is a section titled mentoring with Kelly which is a coaching program offered for people struggling to figure things out for themselves.

*Bring the Fresh is no longer available.

=>Check out Wealthy Affiliate instead – CLICK HERE<=

Part 2 of our Bring The Fresh Review

In this second part of our Bring The Fresh feature, we review what is offered to members to determine whether or not it is worth the investment. We also have a few words on the creator of the program himself, Kelly Felix.


Review: Is Bring The Fresh really worth it?

For those who are looking for a home study course to learn SEO and search engine marketing, Bring The Fresh is easily among the best. It contains all the information a person needs to rank a website in google and other search engines.

Even better is the fact that the content is updated on a regular basis. That means that whenever a change occurs to the way SEO should be done, Kelly quickly puts out new videos designed to bring people up to speed.

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