Part 2 of our Bring The Fresh Review

In this second part of our Bring The Fresh feature, we review what is offered to members to determine whether or not it is worth the investment. We also have a few words on the creator of the program himself, Kelly Felix.


Review: Is Bring The Fresh really worth it?

For those who are looking for a home study course to learn SEO and search engine marketing, Bring The Fresh is easily among the best. It contains all the information a person needs to rank a website in google and other search engines.

Even better is the fact that the content is updated on a regular basis. That means that whenever a change occurs to the way SEO should be done, Kelly quickly puts out new videos designed to bring people up to speed.

The course is also very competitively priced (one time fee). However, it is also worth noting that the strategies laid out in Bring The Fresh require some additional investments. Things like purchasing domains, hosting plans, getting content written and building backlinks all come at a price in these strategies. Of course, people can do most of these things themselves to save some money but this obviously demands much more time invested.

Bring The Fresh could be better in a few aspects though. The biggest flaw is that it doesn’t really lay out a step by step action plan that is simple to follow. Now this is most likely by design since Kelly often stresses that he doesn’t want students to copy what he has done but to extract and use the strategies behind it.

But this is especially problematic when it comes to teaching how to build links to a website to get it to rank in google. It does a poor job laying out the details related to link building such as frequency. However, this is information that is accessible in the Bring The Fresh community forum where students lay out methodology with more precision on the how to do things.


Review Conclusion

Overall Bring The Fresh is easily one of the best search engine optimization education programs out there today. All the information needed to build a successful website is laid out and for those willing to pay for the upgraded version, even the most advanced strategies are shared.

At 37 dollars, it really is a good deal. If you can overlook the few flaws in how it presents the content and how it doesn’t do a great job in providing students with an easy to follow action plan, you definitely won’t regret it.

*Bring the Fresh is no longer available.

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Who is Kelly Felix?

Let’s start out by looking into the mastermind behind Bring The Fresh, Kelly Felix. This is a guy who has been marketing on the internet for well over 10 years now. This means that he has gone through a whole lot of change and has still managed to come out on top and this experience is fully on display in Bring The Fresh.

Kelly Felix in a suitKelly grew up in a small town in Washington State called Roy (it’s about one hundred miles from Seattle). His parents owned a farm with various animals, despite being both employed with stable jobs. Regardless, Kelly wasn’t born into wealth (certainly not the type of wealth Bring The Fresh has allowed him to achieve).

Around his teenage years, he moved with his mom to Alabama. Shortly after the move, he went through his rebellious period, often having brushes with the law and even street gangs. He and his family were living in poverty and he had to work many different jobs to scrape by.

At nineteen years old, he went off to college to study computer science but soon found out that it wasn’t the field of work best suited to him. But while he wasn’t doing very well in terms of grades and academics, he did discover a strong interest in the internet while spending so much time on computers. He realized that there was a whole other world out there (i.e. online) just waiting to be explored.

When he found out that most of his friends in Alabama didn’t have the same levels of ambition that he did, he quickly found out that he needed to get out of the small town he was living in and move on to greater, more interesting things. This is when he decided to move to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an actor (and hopefully meet Katie Holmes).

Soon after he got to LA, he managed to meet some people with good connections in the film industry. He started taking acting lessons and found an agent to represent him. Unfortunately, his acting dreams quickly dried up as he got rejected out of dozens of auditions.

But he was also learning how to build “Bring The Fresh” style websites at the same time and had his first success: a three hundred dollar per month website on credit repair. This sparked a new passion for Kelly to the point where he even lost interest in acting altogether.

It was shortly after this that he discovered SEO (search engine optimization) as a method for getting traffic to his websites. He also discovered sites like Clickbank and affiliate marketing, which would later become the basis for his Bring The Fresh course.

One of the websites that he sold lead to Kelly meeting what would become his partner on his first education product called The Rich Jerk (his first SEO course, before Bring The Fresh). This was a membership program that taught people how to make money on the internet by building websites and monetizing them. After building up the Rich Jerk for a few years, he decided to sell it for well over seven figures.

After a few years of “living the life”, he decided to get back into internet marketing and partnered with Mike Long to set up Bring The Fresh. Mike has since moved on to do his own thing (OMG machines) but Kelly is still the main driving force behind Bring The Fresh which has since grown into a community of over seventeen thousand people.


Final thoughts

So there you have it. If you’ve read all of this and still don’t understand what Bring The Fresh is all about, you never will. That being said, the best way to actually make some money with search engine optimization is to take action. And this is regardless of what course you choose to study. But if you do go for Kelly Felix’s Bring The Fresh, you’ll sure to be off to a good start.